OK, it has been a long time since my last post 😦
This partly happened because of my final school exams (Abitur, as we call it in germany), but nevertheless there has also been great progress! I implemented a data-driven plugin system for all objects, which will enable every unit or building to use different weapons, effects, … even behaviours by just changing a few lines in a xml config file. An idea for the future (when the system is perfectly stable and more plugins are written) is an in-game object editor, in which plugins can be plugged in and out so that the user can experiment with the different settings with immediate feedback. Different plugins can communicate with each other through a basic message system.

Current plugins contain simple RibbonTrail effects, a radar system (which updates the object`s list with enemies in range), a auto-minigun (attacks either a random target from the targetlist or the object`s main target) and a (very very simple) behaviour system (just coordinates the radar updates and sends attack message to minigun).

Now I am busy both extending the existing plugins and adding new ones. Some interesting ideas on new features:
– make object body a plugin (this will clear up a lot of object code)
– implement missle launchers as plugins (shouldn`t be too hard)
– include a cool muzzle flash effect for all weapon plugins
– create a more advanced mesh. I would love to see an aircraft carrier in BlueWar with dozens of plugins (various motors, radar stations (each handles different groups of enemies like air, submarine, ships…), weapon systems (anti-air missles, long-range anti-ground cruised missles, torpedoes, water bombs, …). In this case, many plugins would also have an own body, which is new.

Unfortunately there are no new screenshots to present because up to now the changes only affect the code. I hope that there will be some eye-candy pics next time :).
Have fun!


current state

Let me have a note on what is done and what will come soon.

The code for game objects like fighting units, buildings, resources, etc is written and (sometimes) stable, although I will have to rewrite parts of it so that objects are preloaded at startup and don`t have to be constructed/destroyed at runtime. A new explosion system which supports preloading multiplied the frame rate in fighting scenes, so I hope for similar effects by changing the object system.

The object AI is another aspect that I have to put some effort into before a beta can be published. Currently, OpenSteer is used to calculate the speed and orientation of objects. Although AI worked very well some time ago it has some really ugly bugs like non-moving units, application hangs with multiple path-searchers and disappearing units if they don`t find a path towards their destination.

Once a beta is published, I hope someone can test the multiplayer mode since I don`t have a fast second computer here. Nevertheless multiplayer should work because all actions that matter are performed through an ActionManager that also updates the network.

After that, I plan to reimplement physics by using walaber`s OgreNewt wrapper. It is proven to work with PLSM2 and has all the features that are needed (vehicles, ragdolls, simple primitives, swimming objects).

Btw, I added a screenshots page with pictures from different ingame scenes. I hope you like them!

Hello World

This is the first post of my blog and the first day BlueWar has a home on the internet. As I am not familiar with websites and hosting them I decided to use WordPress, which is really recommendable.

On the right side you see the first 3 articles dealing with me and my game BlueWar.

As time goes by I will add screenshots and other pages, so have fun and stay tuned!